Picture  The Fourth Turning
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The Fourth Turning

Something happened to America at that time, recalled U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye on V-J Day in 1995, the last of the 50-year commemoratives of World War II.  Im not wise enough to know what it was.  But it was the strange, strange power that our founding fathers experienced in those early, uncertain days.  Lets call it the spirit of America, a spirit that united and galvanized our people.  Inouye went on to reflect wistfully on an era when the nation considered no obstacle too big, no challenge too great, no goal too distant, no sacrifice too deep.  A half-century later, that old spirit had long since dissipated, and nobody under age 70 remembered what it felt like.  When Joe Dawson reenacted his D-Day parachute drop over Normandy, he said he did it to show our country that there was a time when our nation moved forward as one unit.

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What was the spirit of America?

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...from The Fourth Turning (Chapter 9)